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Ladder Safety


Most home-owners used a ladder with some frequetly works all year round. There always seems to be something around the house that needs your attention and a ladder to reach it. House repairs, yard maintenance, cleaning the gutter, a new coat of paint or change that bulb, somebody is going to reach for the ladder. Ladders are handy but can be very dangerous. Most ladders are covered with so many warnings and disclaimers that you can barely see the ladder itself. With good reason as more than half a million people are treated annually for injuries related to ladder use.


Since a parachute or skyhook seems out of the question, some necessary safety precautions could make a big difference in surviving your chores. Inspect your ladder for loose screws, cracked steps, or old malfunctioning hinges. Inspection and cleaning off mud or chemicals after each use should be a routine. Storing the ladder in a safe place out of the weather will help prolong the life and performance of the mt 17 vs mt 22 ladder.


Many injuries occur due to improper setup and use of the ladder. Always place the ladder as close as possible to the work and on even firm ground or flooring. Be mindful to avoid soft or uneven ground and cement. Once you're up the ladder, the added weight can cause severe tilt and instability. Check the footing and be sure the hinges are fully extended and locked before you start up the ladder. Stepping up one or two steps and checking for stability before proceeding could save you from skydiving! Do not use a ladder as a seat or extend beyond the typical warning areas. There are different ladders for specialized jobs. When you are on the ladder or moving the ladder itself, go slowly and cautiously. Primetime for accidents are moving material or tools when atop the ladder or climbing the ladder itself. Be aware of your surroundings and co-workers before making a move.


Never overreach when on the ladder no matter how inconvenient it may seem to get down and reposition the ladder closer to work. Getting help to steady the ladder while climbing or working may be necessary. Don't be shy or hurried about asking for help. A few thoughtful steps when using the ladder will keep your feet safely and firmly planted on the ground.

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